Friday, June 7, 2013

Who's laughing now.

Guess the people are never tired to 

It started when a poor kid asking for 
food from the restaurant owner.
But he ignored her, telling her not
to beg around for food.

It started when a group of students laughed at
a boy who wore a pair of torn shoes, 
and he cried of embarrassment.  

It started when a young executive cursed at a boy
who came to ask for some pennies
for his mom's medicine.

Then one day, the restaurant could no longer survive 
the economic crisis.
Then a lady met the owner to buy it, and would love to run it.
And she was the girl who begged for the food.

Then one day, a well-known shoe designer got the award for
making Malaysia so proud of his designs.
And he was the boy who once wore
the torn shoes.

Then one day, the no-longer-young executive was diagnosed
with brain tumour.
Then she referred to a specialist to cure this disease.
And the specialist was the boy
who once begged for her money
to buy medicine for his mom
who also suffered from cancer.

Who's laughing now?
Never underestimate, 
because you might need their helps one day.

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