Thursday, June 13, 2013

Where Rainbows End

Friendship is when it all starts.
Love could be the beginning of the beginning.
It could also be the beginning of the end.
But friendship remains forever.

Falling in love with your own best friend
is normal.
The opposite gender ones, ofc.
Because having best friend
Is like having a brother/sister from another parents.

Sharing everything with them
and somehow your parents don't
know those dirty little secrets.

That's the reason why
it's easier and normal to fall for your
best friend.

fate will never stop meddling.

And we never know
what twists and surprises does fate have
in store for us this time.

Denial might be used from the beginning
because love might end the juicy of friendship.

We shall never gamble more,
because we shall let fate to decide.

In ten years ahead,
you will see 
what's remained 
and what's left.

You will know,
what's permanent
and what's not.

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