Friday, June 7, 2013

What lies beneath.

Some are just pretending to be good.
They comfort you, support you but
they are against you behind your back.

Some are just pretending to be kind.
They act like they know nothing,
but they are the ones who start the whole
damn false things about you.

Some are just pretending to be great.
They come to support and advise you
but they backstab you.

Some are just joining the club.
Cheering for you just because you are
somebody that can give them so much
of benefits.
Never dare to break your heart and 
let somebody else to cry because
you are just so 'important' to them.

But the truth is,
you don't really have true friends.
Because they are just there
to entertain you as long as you can benefit them.

You don't really have true friends 
because they are scared to hurt you
not that they respect you as a friend.

You don't really have someone to have
your back for so long,
because when they are tired of entertaining you,
they will leave.

Then you realise that you have 
no one to blame, but yourself.

For having the attitude that forces them
to do so.
Or for having the attitude of using your
money and power to win attention.

Oh well.

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