Monday, June 17, 2013

I tweeted my monologues.

@aliahnazarudin: Now I miss debating and I miss my coach.

@aliahnazarudin: He told us that, the day you won, it would be the best day ever. But the next day, and the day after, people will start forgetting it.

@aliahnazarudin: Then you realise that you need to win and keep winning, to always be remembered.

@aliahnazarudin: And the pressure is getting higher and people will question you when you lose and no longer cheer for you.

@aliahnazarudin: But the good thing, you have to pressure yourself to do better. And yet the worst thing will definitely be the expectation.

@aliahnazarudin: And just remember the key to failure is when you try pleasing everyone.

@aliahnazarudin: And as for me, sweet memories will always be remembered. And the bitter ones will be the joke and lesson for tomorrow.

@aliahnazarudin: The people that congratulate will just pass by, congratulate and they will walk away.

@aliahnazarudin: But those who are in it to win it and face such tribulations will have to remember, to never lose the battle in them.

@aliahnazarudin: If we think training is hard, try losing.

@aliahnazarudin: In my school days, I had faced so much of losing compared to winning. As much as it hurts, at least I did create things for them to remember

@aliahnazarudin: Well at least, for me to remember during the days I fall to the ground.

@aliahnazarudin: And you will know your true friends, when they are there the moment you have nothing to be proud of.

@aliahnazarudin: And in my case, I will always have my family and Amigas :)

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