Friday, June 7, 2013

Funny but true.

When you hated what people did
and started commenting on everything,
I came to you.
Then your friend told you not to,
and when you realised she was right,
I left.

When you started to make people feel sad and 
started to think that sarcasm might be 
the best weapon to be used,
I came to you.
Then you talked to your God, asking for
His guidance.
So, I left.

But one day,
I came to you. 
Before everyone else did.
And I convinced you that criticism
will be good and hatred will be the 
perfect way of life.
Then you started to believe in me.

You no longer listened to your friend.
You no longer believed in your religion
Because you thought that
you no longer needed the guidance.

The next thing you knew was 
you were now so close to me.
But you forgot that I needed 
to have foes.
You forgot the oath that I had with your God.
You forgot where you belong.

death came without you knowing it.
But then, it was too late for you to regret.
I was glad. 
Because the effort never went to waste.

You died.
 But I have billions more to hunt.
Rest in peace, my darling.
Because you know, 
that you will never walk alone.

Red Devils.

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