Wednesday, June 12, 2013


I walked down the alley,
A dark alley .
I barely knew anyone there.
I was confused of my own life.
I was not sure about my path.
I looked around.
Hoping for some clues.
But I had not received any of them.

I looked at a couple.
They laughed.
I was not sure what was it about.
But they seemed to be happy.

I wondered when would be my chance to laugh again.

I walked and walked.
I felt tired then I stopped.
I slept at the corner, 
having boxes as my mattress,
dreaming of something wonderful,
hoping for never being waken up.

The birds chipped.
A new day started with a great hunger.
I looked around,
searching for food.

In a dirty alley like this,
rats were everywhere to be hunted.

I walked and walked.
I stopped when I reached a park.
Watching a happy family, 
playing around the park, 
made me miss my home.

I came near to them,
hoping for some mercy,
but they made their ways,
ignoring me and leaving me

I was not mad.
Watching happy moment for a while,
made me feel relief,
and thankful.

Because I realised that world was never
a cruel world after all.
Only some were unfortunate.
And I was one of them.
But I never blamed my fate for that.

Because the dead ones wanted
to be alive,
And the living ones should be thankful
for the life that's only for once.

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