Monday, June 10, 2013


I came to you everyday.
Because everyday you were getting older.

When you were still a kid,
I witnessed you from far.
You wished to be older,
so you could hang out with your friends,
so you would not have any curfew.
But you seemed to enjoy your time very well,
despite being bullied by your brothers and sisters.

When you were a teenager,
I witnessed you from far.
You wished to be young and free.
So you could forever be young,
so you could die young.
But you seemed to be hurtful one day.
When you were left hanging by a guy 
that promised you paradise.

When you became an adult,
I witnessed you from far.
You wished to be five again.
So that you would not have the world
on your shoulder.
You could be carefree and live in your own fairytale.
But you seemed to be wise now.
Finding the true love on the right time.
You knew what's right and what's not.
You determined what's the best for your family too.

When you were an old folk,
I witnessed you from far.
you wished to be young and healthy,
so that you wouldn't burden your kids 
to change the napkin for you.
Even you once did that for them,
you just felt guilty of that.
But you seemed to think of the blessings from God,
and no longer the burdens.
Because you knew that one day,
you would leave them all behind.

But one day,
I stop witnessing you.
And your kids were all mourning that day.
You slept soundly, 
like you never wanted to be waken up.
Because you had done what you had to do
for your life and you had nothing to regret.

There won't be any tomorrow for you.
And I was gone. 
Because in the next phase after this,
I won't be seeing you,
as I am done here.

Good bye.


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