Thursday, May 30, 2013

What I Do Most

It is normal to have these crazy dreams and making up great stories in mind and hoping that your stories would be like those in the novels that you read or movies that you watch.

At times I believe that I am never ready to be in special relationship with someone because I just feel like I should not waste my time in loving or using all those sweet words and promising all those sweet vows to someone that is not certain yet to be my husband. And so my relationship is better being started off with a great friendship.

And so I won't be giving hopes to myself , to the other person and definitely I let Allah to decide everything for me.

That is why, I agree with what my teacher once told me. You should learn to accept each other, learn about himself first and be open-minded. You might like someone today but you will definitely meet a lot of people out there, the one that could be better.

And so I think I am doing the right thing. To never be in any special and serious relationship, but having the kind of friendship that we start to learn about each other.

Never use any sweet words to someone before getting married, keep that for the right person, at the right time, for the best reason.

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