Thursday, May 30, 2013

Rascals can do this!

Every time Amigas looks at this photo, clearly we can feel the victory and glory of the thing that we managed to achieve last year ; Champion for Bahas PPM2012. When Rascals lost in semis last year, we were damn sad, but I have a great instinct that 2013's team will do their comeback, for the revenge of the fallen, and guess my instinct never lies :) Alhamdulillah, this year, Rascals will manage to show the world that we are indeed capable of doing the same thing too! This year, Camdee might have the same post as ours when the emcee announce the winner goes to ssp. I will keep on dreaming of this thing and dream is a wish that my heart makes and I believe that wish can come true. Nad, Pas, Ya, Fifi and all the debate family, you guys have another one more round to go and one more speech each and one more reply speech to rectify the legacy. My prayer will always be with all of you and same goes to the rest of all sspians, we will definitely be doing the same. All the best and bring back the trophy to Cyberjaya once again :) 😘

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