Saturday, May 4, 2013

Perks of Being Too Nice

I am just so sad now. There is a big grudge in me and i just feel insecure and i hardly trust people and my acts tend to make people feel unappreciated and leave me behind, I think. Well thats my bad for sure. I am always the mean girl here and i am just sick of people's judgements thats all. And i know i have never been liking dramas and telenovelas in my life and every time i feel like it occurs in my life, i will choose to walk away. And so when i am 18, i know that walking away from problem means you are running away of what you suppose to settle and that wont benefit me anyways. Ugh. I am sick of all the insincerities and judgements and why cannot these certain people just stop mind-boggling me?! Ugh. Have a life and stop disturbing my privacy. Because what they do tend to jeopardise the friendship that i value most. I know. Thats all my fault. My bad. So yeah. I understand if i am back to zero after this. Bye.

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