Thursday, May 30, 2013

Glory Glory Amigas!

Done updating about me. So now, it is all about us, Amigas :)

Allah is great and He will always answer our prayers and sometimes a 'no' can be His answer for the best reason :)

The scholarship fever will definitely be felt by all the spm leavers and the heat is felt by the juniors and teachers too, that has been the nature of Malaysia! 

And everyone might be so eager to know  where all of us will be heading to and that thing somehow could trigger the nerves because we all know the place we will be heading to but we have to go through the preparation that will determine our path. And so I will share with all of you about Amigas achievements so far and only with the information that I can remember. Haha so here goes : 

Amigas that will fly this year 
Alya Farah Syahyra to China under MARA

Vanderbilt University, Nashville under special program by jpa-mara
Anis Zulaikha
Dzharif Aqilla
Syakirah Zokri

They will be flying to Vanderbilt this 29th of June!

Bank Negara (Kijang)
Edda and Amirah Amer Hamzah to USA

Ummu Nadiah to New Zealand
Azura Aziz to Australia
Sofwa to the USA
Athirah Kamari to the UK
Haziqah to the UK
Munira Chapiti to the UK
Afiqah Ayub to the USA

National Scolar
Aini Yasmin to the UK (i think)

Syamsina to Australia
Nik Ainin to the UK

Fatin Zulaikha to the UK/USA

Aliah Syahmina to Canada
Nurizatee Azlee to the USA

Hafizah Nasir to Ireland

Anis Lotfi to the UK
Safirah Sapuan to the USA
Wan Nurul Amirah to the USA
Alisya to New Zealand

Adeeda to the UK
Aida Fadzlina to the UK
Farahain to Germany
Puteri Maryam to the UK
Amirah Shamsul Kamal to Australia
Aisyah Nasir to the USA
Nana Basri to Ireland
Diana Azman to the UK
Hanim Marlisa to France
Suhailah Sukri to the UK
Yana Abu Bakar to the UK  
Azrafatini to the UK
Hananee Farisan to the UK
Anis Mulyani to the UK
Raja Amalina to the UK
Sarah Hanie to the UK
Sofia Halim to Spain

Izzni to Japan
Fathin Aqueilla to Japan

And some of us got so many offers like Miss Hotstuff scholarship : Edda Nadira!
Despite BNM, she also received offers from Petronas to the USA and JPA to France!

Sofwa received offer from JPA to France too and same goes to Azura :)

Amirah Amer Hamzah received the Petronas scholarship to the UK too but like Edda she chose BNM.
And so I think I did miss some of the names and I apologise for that. Would love to update the names and please enlighten me with the latest info :)

I posted the news just for the update and I never meant to brag. Allah is great and Alhamdulillah, of all the hard works, we manage to get this. Allah has fated us with the best outcome, even though we don't understand that, just have faith in Him, He knows what's best for us :)

A lot of us managed of get the place in UM too! The future doctors :) and regardless where are we fated to be in,the  friendship will last forever and studying abroad might be a stepping stone towards success but the truth is that it will be all about determination and how are we gonna construct our way of life after this. I am sure all of my friends will be important leaders in the future and let's pray for that to happen. 

And some of us don't get things that we want and we tend to be sad about it. To be honest, I was aiming for Vanderbilt but guess Allah made it easier for me to make a decision so I choose YTN instead. Because maybe I cannot survive in the states but can survive in Canada and Allah is the only one who knows. 

We shall contribute back to our nation, and keep up the good work and remember our pride as PUTERI :)

Sekali ssp memencak, kejayaan pasti di puncak :)


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