Thursday, May 30, 2013

Allah is Awesome!

A lot of things happened for the past few weeks and because of the time constraint I didn't really stand the chance to blog. And hey! I am back :)

So I will do a little bit of update about what is happening to my life and my friends' lives! 

After a long wait, I finally got a place for myself to study abroad. At first, most of us were being trolled by jpa due to the result announcement. Then I had to register for UTP first, last 16th of May. Then, when I was in my room, there was an unknown number calling me. The person told me about the most prestigious award among the sbp students, the full colours award. Alhamdulillah :) I was among the 20 of them.

At noon, I made my way to theChancellor   Hall for the briefing session and we had to hand over our documents there. When it was my turn to do so, then another unknown number gave me a call. And *drumroll* it was from Yayasan Tenaga Nasional telling me that I got the scholarship to Canada, having to do IB for two years at KMB. 

Two breaking news of the day and both were the things that I have always wanted since day one. Alhamdulillah.

Then, yesterday was the jpa announcement for the scholarships and I managed to get UK scholarship for engineering too and guess I will be sticking to YTN. The offer is awesome, the job is guaranteed and the allowance is quite high. But considering that UK is the country that most of my friends will be flying off to, then that makes me think twice. 

 But I shall never follow the crowd, right? I will create my own path and break the tradition in the family and make my way to Canada. So will strive the best for IB and then goodbye Malaysia :) 

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