Monday, April 8, 2013

YTN Part 4

The next day, I did not really feel fresh because did not get enough rest then we had our morning exercise and we the sspians were wearing the batch tshirts hahah. I felt like we were at school though.

Then we had our breakfast Nasi Lemak and could sleep before the next activities but I did not because I was afraid of feeling worse so yeah.

The next activity was the balloon which we, as a team had to make sure that the balloon wont explode or would always be with us. So as the smallest kid in Hotel group, I had to ensure that the group managed to be at the finish line and so i led the group. Yayerz we finally made it.

Then we had our break and changed the group and I was in Alpha. I remembered having Izzati, Nabil and Ilman in that group.

The next game was the life-saving game which only 7 of 13 of us would be safe by ridding in the life boat and we had our own character and I was the doctor, Izzati was the pregnant woman, Nabil was the sailor and Ilman was the ex-commander. So basically we had to save our life and also back up our friends so they would do the same towards you and the end of the result, Captain, sailor, doctor, surviving expert, Minister of Transport, pregnant woman and nurse were saved.

The next game was the blaming game as we had to blame each other prior to the landslide at the Bukit Antarabangsa and that was quite a tough game I think.

So we had our lunch and got ready for the next game!

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