Monday, April 8, 2013

YTN Part 3

This night we had to be in different different group and if I was not mistaken the name was Lima.

I was in the same group with Izzati, Harty, Adila and Capeq. And we had our bargaining games and my group lost because we did not know that ( ) was the symbol of negative -.- hahah silly us.

Then we had our second game which was the war games where we had to attack the ships of the other groups by just making assumption.

Oh yeah we had to divide Lima into another four small groups so basically there would be only 4 of us in the small groups.

Then we made our way to the court and got ready for the last briefing of the night!

So the final briefing left us with a very shocking news which we had to do the night treasure hunt something like that at 1am and estimated to finish that by 5am and the prediction was right -.-

My group named Juliet and we did not really know each other because we focused on the tasks. There were 12 check points and had to go through all if them.

The tasks were carrying the tennis ball, blowing the chicken feather, face-mural, saving the egg from breaking, sudoku, jigsaw puzzle, cubic, crosswords, counting the beans, 4pics in 1word, and cannot recall all but the activities were fun!

I got back after 5am and slept only for one hour and got to be ready for the next day's acitivities!

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