Monday, April 8, 2013

YTN Part 2

After the break, we made our way to the operation room and identified which group were we in. Note that we would change the group for every single activity!

Then we gathered at the badminton court according to our groups and made our way to the respective places for the first workshop. My group was Charlie!

Then we got to know each other and I remembered some of them only like Nandhiniy, Nukman and Zhafran.

So we had to introduce ourselves and told them about our favourite superheroes and the answer was Charles's Angels mueheheh.

Then we had to draw shapes according to our creativity and the cats that represented our identity and the boat!

Then we made our way to the court and had our tea and got to be ready for the next assessment which was the bleep test to test out fitness -.-

And due to my laziness to jog so I was not thaaat fit but never mind.

Then we had our dinner and settled dow. And got ready for the night task!

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