Monday, April 8, 2013

YTN Part 1

YTN is the short-form for Yayasan Tenaga Nasional and it is the body that would give scholarship for those who would be interested in becoming an engineer or an accountant. So I would share with you about my personal experience there! Enjoy!

The first day, 5th of April.

As I arrived, there were 90% of guys waiting at the place called the Curve and only few girls there. So I met all my SSP friends, Azura, Farahain and Izzati. Ummu came a bit late so we waited and ques for the registration and I got to be Farahain's roommate yayerz!

Then we made our way along with our luggages to the badminton court and waited for them calling us to queue up for the next registration phase.

We were given our index number and mine was 146! Then, they weighed us and measured our height -.- and snapped out picture! I lost my weight and basically I was considered as underweight -.-

Then we had the quiz we just needed to circle yes or no but the statements could be very counter-intuitive and you might contradict yourself answering that!

Then we took our sit and listened to the briefing and went around the ILSAS compound and it was damn hot luckily I did not wear baju kurung.

Then we took our stuffs and made our way to the hostel and had our lunch break till 2.45pm.

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