Monday, April 8, 2013

YTN Final Part

The last day yeaaaay!

We had our morning exercise and breakfast and we had two hours break to pack our stuffs and by 10am we had to gather at the first place we gathered on the first day and listened to another lecture about racism.

Well thank god I was not appointed that time because seriously I did not know why but the Chief Faci was keeping his eyes on me all the time and loved to provoke me and yeaaaaah I was not sure what was his purpose of doing so.

So the camp ended by the speech from the YTN officer telling us that the result will be announced today so basically the thing was solely about all of the assessment activities that we had to go through.

And we had our exchanging phone numbers time and picture time and lunch and got back!

So I slept for 12 hours because I was damn tired and yeah I had fuuuuun!!!!

So I hope that I would get this one chance as I just lost the chance for the Petronas thingy so yeah, pray for me!

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