Monday, April 1, 2013


Girls will always talk about the perfect wedding that they want, ugh and I am a girl so I would also talk about the same thing.

Then when we talk about marriage and all, old people will say, " Perempuan belajar tinggi-tinggi buat apa? Nanti kahwin kena juga masak kat dapur!"

Well I do not want to deny the obvious because that is the wife's task to serve for the family and most of the successful women out there do end up becoming full-time housewives.

But here we are talking about the globalised era where you shall never trust everyone too much and that might include your husband in the future. Because I have seen cases where the husband will forget his responsibility and the marriage and they end up divorcing and the drama doesn't end there because then the mom has the right for custody but the dad doesn't even give money as allowance so the mom needs to survive and take care if all those kids. One case. And the other one would be the case of death which when the dad died then the mom needs to take over the dad's responsibility and that requires hell lots of money.

So indeed, security is always number one and to ensure that, education will always come first. Education determines your income and people, education determines the size of the women's kitchens too! So who says a woman should not get education? Think twice.

Seriously, wow you shall never think that a marriage is the perfect ending of your love story, no never! Because marriage is just another chapter of survival. And marriage is always a gambling because people change after all.

So personally, we all have to ensure a secured future first and also make sure that you have enough savings before you want to think of how your wedding day will look like. Your future income would determine that.

This time I shall be more realistic and I realise that I am not a small kid anymore that would wait for the prince charming to come to change my life. I don't depend on my glass shoes but I depend on me, my education. So yeah. This is my personal opinion and in addition to that, I always believe that a great mother and a great wife is always the one that cooks for the family and does everything for her family. And thank you Mama, because you are good enough for us. Looking forward for what will come in the future. And I am getting myself prepared for the asteroids so yeah. Bye!

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