Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Silver Lining

So here comes the inspiring story from me :)

To be honest, who won't get upset when you don't get the interview offer for good scholarship, like bnm, right? I felt sad because all my best friends got the offer and I did not. But hey being sad over les friends' victory is never Aliah Syahmina's way of living man!

Here's the thing. I will always get the kind of hidayah and petunjuk everytime after I finish my prayer. So the same thing happened just now. And now I am the happy girl back!

Allah knows that I could not handle the pressure of being an actuary so He gave me the chance to only focus on YTN educamp instead of having to face the dilemma of choosing YTN or BNM scholarship, right?

Then again, Allah will always want me to have the best for my life. So He has a great plan for me. And what shall I do now is praying for the best and I let Allah decides the best for me, the best scholarship for me and the best university for me. Which by all means, it can be the local university too, right?

The most important part is that I have to be strong and education is pretty much the same, anywhere I go. Malaysia is an awesome country! And studying abroad is just another advantage and bonus to all of us.

So I am getting ready for the YTN edu camp and may the best students get the scholarship offer!

And to all my friends!
All the best! I know you guys can ace this and pray for our success together!

Aliah Syahmina

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