Thursday, April 18, 2013

Seri Puteri Family

Before I went for the interview of JPA yesterday, I made my way to SSP to settle some documents regarding to certain things that I had not settled yet with my beloved counsellor, Cikgu Hajar.

On my way to the counselling room I met some teachers, Cikgu Datin, Cikgu Azura and Miss Asmiza. They were mentioning about the Story of Amigas and I was so shy lol.

Then I realised that I miss so many things about Seri Puteri, from the darkest to the happiest time spent there.

I bumped into some juniors but I was in a rush so I could only wave and smile at them.

Then after settling things with Cikgu Hajar, I went to the staff room and met some teachers and wow I miss the environment of that room.

Most of the teachers were busy with all the school's events and note that SSP will never be less busy.

And I miss the family of Seri Puteri where everyone will be there for each other and put their hearts and souls for the name and pride of the school.

What they see outside differs to what we feel inside. Maybe you need to be out of the school to miss those moments and to realise that those bitter sweet memories that made you, you!

And last night we were shocked by teache Azliza's news and most of us cried and wished that we could be there for our beloved chemistry teacher.

Please Ya Allah, give her the strength to face this obstacle. Please.

I miss these lines.

Arise always Puteri arise,
To brighten the school Seri Puteri,
Onwards march Puteri onwards,
Loyal to your people and the country.

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