Thursday, April 18, 2013


The SAC of JPA interview yesterday was pretty awesome and I had so much fun. Starting with the individual interview and I guessed I applied for weird things from JPA, Petroleum Geoscience and they were impressed because not many girls would want that course but hey, I could say I am up to the challenge :)

Then the second assessment was the group discussion in full Malay. We had to discuss ways to prevent pirated dvds cds and all. We had 25 minutes to discuss and they evaluated us during our discussion and we had 10 minutes to write the idea on the white paper and 15 minutes to formally present the things to them.

The discussion turned out to be very funny because by the end all of us made the sort of confession that we did the mistakes of illegally download movies and musics from the net and that discussion made us realise that we shall support our music and film industries by buying the original masterpieces.

We were the group of eight, four girls and four boys and I could not really recall the guys' names. The girls were Balqis Raihan, Kamilah, Dini and I. All of us had great time and so many laughters!

Then the final assessment was the group presentation in full english and the topic was indeed my cup of tea! It was about how does Petronas enhance the sense of belonging among youngsters in Malaysia. And I talked a lot because I had this weird obsession towards oil and gas company and how they contributed to the cycle of world's economy nowadays. Maybe that's the reason why I wanna be a Petroleum Geologist :)

The thing about SAC is always about teamwork and knowledge and how confident you are to speak up. So never be shy yet do not be too dominant and the best version of yourself :)

The SSP babes that had the evening session were only me, Bal and Dzhariff and as for the morning session, there were two best friends of mine, Miramer and Mimi :)

Then after the assessment I met my awesome gang ever, Faisal and we managed to have a short video and my phone died after that and as for him, I am sure most scholar would sponsor him. Nice one, best friend! Yeah and he really wants to fly to the UK and we won't be flying to the same country haha because I want to fly to the States!!!

And I met all the awesome people that I met during the ExxonMobil interview and YTN and all of us just let Allah to decide for us. Regardless whatever scholar that comes, I will grab it and I know Allah knows the best for me!

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