Tuesday, April 2, 2013


I always like the tv series like Common Law, csi and five-o. Basically I like all those investigation series and I once wanted to be a forensic so badly. You know, when you were a kid you had to write down your biography and passed it to your friends and listed you hobby, ambition and all. So my ambitions would be ; doctor, engineer and lawyer. I just loved meeting people and talking to strangers back then. But when I grow up, I just lost my interest towards becoming a doctor. I like the idea of helping people being the angel of the society but guess the path that I should take in becoming one that I do not like. So for the choice of being a lawyer, I like it. I like discussing and arguing and winning an argument but guess I am not the kind of people that love reading all the laws haha. So I would go for becoming a geology which was not in my list back then but because I have this obsession towards becoming someone who will work with oil and gas company. Then the thought of scholarship arose which there are not many scholars would offer geology which I guess only Petronas would offer that and considering that Exxon did not want to accept me back then. Ugh. So I would go on with the engineering options. But hey I like physics and addmaths and all those Physics thing so, there is no harm in trying, right? So then I am hoping that I will get any scholarship I would not mind and I will make sure I will score best in my degree and continue with my masters and work and yeah live my life. So this is not about csi. This is about my life.

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