Sunday, April 21, 2013

Confusion Strikes

Have you ever felt so lost and you are just not sure of what you want in your life because you are afraid if that is not what you need by the end of the day?

Somehow I feel neglected. Or it is just the insecurity that conquers my mind? Life is a complicated circle that we all have to go through.

Nowadays, to be honest, I do wake up at 4am because I cannot sleep well as my mind is full of the thought what might happen next.

And that is just so pathetic, I know. I just feel really sad whenever I fail to reach people's expectation.

I am talking randomly and yet I wish people can just read me like a book but if I were a book then I could be like the greek encyclopaedia that no one would understand and people would think that the book is just so weird to be kept so let's just throw that.

I make no sense. Sorry.

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