Sunday, April 21, 2013


I am facing this phobia right now. I am just so scared of the future as I might not be good enough to receive any scholar, em who knows?

When you talk about high school, yes you might talk about all the sisterhood friendship and all but the truth is whenever you are out of the school, things will change and the obvious thing will always be your road of future life.

And as for me, I did regret not getting 9A+ because I know if I were to get that, then I could get what I really want without having to have the fear of not getting it.

I hate hoping for something so badly because at times I know I would end up crying not getting any. It's not that I am not happy for my friends, it's just that I am not happy because I cannot be as good as they are.

People might say getting straight As might be enough but hey, the competition is very high and you just have to compete and the best reason of all I am not the rich girl that can easily tell my parents I wanna fly to the states and study there. I am not.

Now, people say that result is no more important. They wanna see your qualification, your way in communicating and all but if that's true then why they still review your results first before calling you for interview?

Well I know some will bash me saying I am not thankful and grateful but truly I just wanna share this regret to those spm students out there. Getting straight As won't be enough, strive harder to get those straight A+! Then you don't have to worry for more.

Here, I am waiting for my interview results and I truly hope for JPA or TNB because only those two offer the courses that I am interested in. So I shall pray hard and always think positive here.

Allah always saves the best for later. I know He has a big surprise for me. I know. And I believe in His fate.

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