Monday, March 18, 2013

The reasons.

Again, SPM result's coming.
And the morning is spoilt because of the thought of that.

But then this short story really made me realise of things happened for reasons.

Supposedly I had a driving class today,
so I should have been riding on the van to go to the driving academy
by 7.30am and wait for my turn at 12pm.

But then my mom decided to send me there,
so I didn't have to take the van.

Then at 9.00am the clerks there called,
informing me that the class's cancelled,
because my instructor had the emergency-leave.

If I had to take the van, 
I must have been sleeping,
or doing nothing there, right?

So, the weird conclusion to this
would be,


You just have to believe in Allah's fate.

So regardless what will happen on this Thursday,
I shall be ready.

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