Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Nightmare.

I spend most of my time in my room lately.
Because I have to study for the JADP interview
which will be on 19th of March.

Then the next day,
I have to face the SPM results,
scariest nightmare ever after PMR.

Need to mentally, physically and emotionally prepared next week.


  1. Rajinnyaaa. tak tahu nak study ape =.= semua buku takde. Aliah study ape??

  2. Study physics addmtahs chem bio. Nasib baik ada satu buku je aku simpan for each subject :P

  3. kau study BIO????? biar betul O.o ada soalan bio ke head girl?

  4. Hahaha tak la, tu gedik je cakap :P Sorry la captain. mcm tak biasa :P