Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I am 18 years old.

You might be wishing for so many things when you're 18.
Same goes to me, but most of the wishes haven't yet come true.
Maybe it's because of I haven't had my birthday cake, just yet.

One of the things that my dad promised me when I turned 18
was the freedom.

Note that I hardly go out from my house except with my family.
Because he asdfghjkl loves me so much, I guess.

The day that I would argue to ask the permission to go out with my friends
could be my toughest day ever, because seriously, asking permission to go outing at school
is way so much easier that dealing with my dad.

He's like a very cool dad, he can dance with you and 
can go karaoke together but when it comes to go out without his 
supervision, he's just not that cool with that one.

So when I argued with him about his promise and the age thingy,
he would say, wait till I turn 21.

But I guess it will be the same after all because when I turn 21,
he'd definitely say, wait till I get married.

And I really hope that my future husband would allow
me to have my times with my best friends in the future,
because after all that's the hardest thing for me to do
during my teenage life.

Well, it's not that he doesn't allow me to go out at all.
He did.

When I wanted to watch the annual talent night at school,
he came to watch together with me.
When I wanted to join the wall-climbing thingy with my friends,
he came along all the way from Malacca,
wanting to watch me doing the activities -.-

I appreciate his protectiveness but at times,
I just want to have some times with my friends,
the privacy to be with my girls.

After all,
I never do any kind of bad things that would make him
wanna doubt me.

So I am holding back the tears,
I will just keep quiet and 
I will just go with the flow.

And I am so not gonna ask for any permission after this.
Because if I were to do so,
I will weep.


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