Sunday, March 31, 2013


All of sudden. I don't feel well because I don't know, I just feel bad and I am not always in a good mood all this while. Ugh I can be so annoying and very unpredictable. I am just so sad. Because maybe the term sad arose because I am so scared and afraid to face the future. I did apply for all scholarships that exist but there is no guarantee that I can get them and I just stupidly rejected the japan scholarship for engineering just because I don't want to learn an extra language and I just regretted that a bit because I am not a smart ass to get any scholarship just because I got straight As. Hello. There are like 15k people got straight As and so many competition and all I need is support. This weekend I will be attending the tnb camp for three days and two nights and the good thing is that I was being shortlisted and the not that awesome thing is that I don't really know how to mingle and make friends. Err kay i know I should have been more thankful and grateful but yeah the thought just bugs me. Pressure.

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