Thursday, March 14, 2013


Dear Past.
At times, I wonder why did you exist in my life. Because it was all totally unplanned and some things just left me hanging without clues and hints. When I met you the other day, I did cry. Because I didn't think I had done much in my life. So many things I did regret not doing but past would only be memories that I could never change.

Dear Present,
What am I facing now, in my life is one of the best memories ever. Meeting so many people, being appreciated. You know, distance makes hearts grow fonder. And I would say, I enjoy every one of it because I regret not doing it in my past.

Dear Future,
I have trouble in dealing with you, because I am just a normal human being having no gift to predict what is coming because after all you're the future. But one thing I learn from my mistakes is that, I have to plan well.
I want to be better than I was yesterday, than I am today. There're so many things that I have to deal with and the thought of it gives me so much of nightmare. Allah has fated everything for me, but I won't sit there and relax and do nothing. So if I can choose now, I would choose future. Because that's the only chance for me to change who I am now, to be the one I want to be.

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