Monday, March 4, 2013

Ctrl+C Ctrl+V

Copy and Paste.

Mom always tells me this,
Adlina is so like me,
that includes the way
she talks, dances
and everything.
Her attitude is pretty much like me,
we don't like to eat unless if people want to feed us.

Some people don't like it
when people look like them,
dress up like them,
talk like them,
do things like they do,
or having the same interest as them.

I am not saying I like it,
but I am just fine with it.

Because the positive side of it,
it's good to know that someone idolises 
you so much,
till make her wanna be like you.

And after all,
we don't own the copyright towards
our attitude and people might just copy and paste that.

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