Sunday, March 31, 2013

Best Friend

All people have their own best friends and this time Imma blog about my best friend. I mean this one specific best friend lol.

Hey best friend. Thank you for dealing with my uhmmms and ahhhss all the time and will always try to make me feel better. Always tell me to believe in myself and always have faith in me more than I could have faith in my own self. Thank you for all the crazy dreams and dealing with my crazy talks and merepek with me and always be there for me. Thank you so much for understanding me when I am being so annoying I can die lol. Thank you for being an awesome movie partner and being the neutral person towards my over idealism haha. Guess we hardly talk like we used to back then because life is getting busier than ever and future becomes so much important and we could never screw this chance because we never know what the future holds. But guess priority should always be prioritised but friendship shall always last forever right? Yeah. Forever, remember?

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