Monday, February 25, 2013

What I Miss.

I miss the crazy argument with my debate family.
I miss the time we gossiped and were being tortured
when we had fillers in our speeches by having to do the siput sedut.
I miss the crazy picture, twilight time with Azura, Munira and Wan.

I miss the time we had the late night talk with Mimi in my room and when 
I used to cry during her telling me about the things we used to fight over.
I miss the time Edda and me used to study together in the study room and we talked about 
our future and the time we argued in the dining hall or sing or every time we spent while eating.
I miss the time Athirah, Sofwa and me used to tease Edda and the time we shared about
our hopes, dreams and fears.
I miss the moment I listened to Syak's playing her guitar.
I miss the moment I listened to Ummu singing all kinds of songs in the class.
I miss 5 Pintar so much.
I miss the time Adeeda would laugh when I tried to tickle her.
I miss the time Hannah cried over little things and being so mengada.
I miss the time me and Wany would laugh over crazy things.
I miss the time when Munira felt scared and told me her fears and when she's 
enjoying her happiness and thrill moment.
I miss the time Sherod was lost and her jokes weren't understood by me.
I miss the time I called Amirah the cry baby.
I miss the crazy talks with Aida and she would be confused of names.
I miss Trisyia and the way she talked!

I miss the time I ran to Farahain when we had the same damn grade and felt down 
about it and thinking of revenge.
I miss the time I talked to Puyam and laughed and enjoyed the chipsmore and HL milk.
I miss the time I talked to Zana while enjoying my Magnum and cried.
I miss Alya Farah' jokes.
I miss Suhailah, Azwa, Azura, Edda and Dzharif especially in time working with them
in the time creating victory for the school.
I miss ever single moment with AMIGAS.
I miss watching SCUD and SPEARHEAD practicing every evening.
I miss the songs played by SP Winds.
I miss the time with Eccentric and Rascals.

I miss Seri and the time we talked at the fountain and made the deal and I am proud of her as she
had the dream come true.
I miss the time I teased Gaga and complimented Miramad and sharing all my deepest inquisition to Sina.
I miss my top5.
I miss working together with my prefects and the time we went to Lankawi, futsal, annual dinner, steamboat.
I miss the time we had to work with Mama Mona, Teacher Asyira, Teacher Ain and all of the wardens.
Especially during the AAT and definitely working with the crazy captains ; 
Umairah, Syakie, Mawad and Mimi.

I miss my PRS and the time we cried over unsettled projects,
danced with the kids at their schools and talked about dreams and hopes,
gave them inspiration.
I miss the time we spent hours in the UBK just to finish our tasks.
I miss Cikgu Azura, Cikgu Hajar and Cikgu Zila.

I miss all the time spent in the Physics Lab with Teacher Aida 
and being punished because teacher thought we're sleepy.
I miss the time we had to listen to Edda questioning weird questions to Ustazah during PAI class.
I miss the time we spent at the Bio lab and doing all the experiments with Teahcer Suhaizah.
I miss Teacher Latika and her logic in chemistry.
I miss Cikgu Rosmawati and the title that she gave to us if we failed to finish the 
homework ; Juara Bertangguh.
I miss Teacher Maimunah and her patience in dealing with us the sleepy heads.
I miss Teacher Nik who has so much of faith in me and the time she inspired us about life.
I miss all the English teachers and their stories especially the debate teachers, Miss Asmiza and Miss Raja.
I miss Mama Mona and her incredible sejarah story.
I miss my mummy, Miss Mel :')
I miss working with Cikgu Shah.

I miss Bonda's speech and her speech never fails to inspire me.
I miss Ibu for having so much trust in me, in achieving 9A+.
I miss the supportive Cikgu Aziz and his koko's spirit.

I miss helping all the teachers.
I miss dealing with fellow sspians.
I miss standing in front of the surau, hall,
telling them what and what not to do.
I miss the supportive sspians.

I miss everything about SSP.
From the greatest to the darkest parts of Sekolah Seri Puteri.
There's no other place like Sekolah Seri Puteri.

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