Monday, January 21, 2013

The dream that made me cry.

It was few days before the wedding day and I was  from 
the boutique and on my way to the wedding hall at Hyatt.
An unknown number called me and without waiting for any seconds
I answered the call.

The next thing I knew was I almost hit the light pole and I did the emergency break.

I spoke to him this morning during the wake up call
and the next thing I was my future husband was in the ICU and he was in coma.

Everything had to be postponed, I didn't mind.
I only wanted him to stay alive and I would want to be there for him.

Like what we had promised to be with each other forever.
Few months left, and today his mom called me telling that he was no longer in coma.
I never felt any better before, rather than knowing, he was safe.
I never thought or planned about the wedding yet but I just wanted to meet him, that's all.
I met him and I smiled.
But his face looked confused.
"Who is she, mama?"

One question, four words ; broke my heart.
As if he couldn't remember anything about me,
not a single thing even after 7 years of knowing each other.

I was confused and all of these were confusing.
How could I end this confusion as all he could ever remember was his family and his ex,
which that was even worse.
I thought that girl would never interfere or disturb my life anymore,
but things just got worse.
She took advantage on him, and his selected amnesia problem.
She won, I lost.
This time I met an accident, and it was serious and I was dying.
But before I died, he recovered from that temporary disease.
But when he finally knew the truth,
it was too late.
Because now, that's my turn,
to be far away.

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