Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pointless drama.

I kinda agree that we cannot choose 
whom are we gonna be in love with.
But we have to also agree that we cannot force someone
to fall for us too, right?

So many novels so many dramas
showing how hard people try to make
someone fall for them,

the truth is it is POINTLESS.

Because you're not gonna get anything out of it.

But we can teach ourselves to 
appreciate those who kinda show their interest towards us.

Personally I think,
we should like the person that likes us
rather than waiting for someone who doesn't even wanna make
the first move, right?

Because if he doesn't show his interest,
then it's pointless to wait for him
and the right time will come
when you appreciate the right guy.

After all,
if you're fated to be with someone,
you will end up with him :)

And I believe in that!

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