Saturday, January 19, 2013


Ayah is so open minded today, lol
and we talk about my future
and most of the times, it was about marriage.

I understand 
why in so many ways,
Islam doesn't allow us to be in a relationship
if we don't plan to make it last till the end.

to be in a relationship
is a big deal.
We don't be in a relationship just because 
of lust, popularity or looks.
Because lust will lead to sinful pleasure,
popularity and looks will lead to nothing.

Be in a relationship
because you want to find companionship
and  a soul-mate with the golden heart.
And a truthful relationship will forever lead to
a perfect happiness
and to a brand new phase of life, marriage.

To get married is all about responsibility.
And even to be in a relationship, it is the same case.

So never play with people's hearts.
Because you never know what the future will be.

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