Thursday, January 17, 2013

Love, this is how I view it.

Life is like that.

Since SPM is over, the break that we have
might be the time for people to work, study or learn something new.

Some might learn how to deal with love, some still learn how to love.

I see the point there.
We won't get the person we want,
but we will get the one that we need.

At times, people blame fate for the broken relationship.
They blame the third party and so.
But as much as we weep over it,
there's always the good thing behind it.

You will find someone better
and the one who will appreciate you more.
I am telling this because I know exactly how it feels like.

People betrayed me, I was accused for betrayal.
But they teach me, hell lots.

And today.
I am still learning,
learning my best to appreciate the one that loves me for who I am.
And I hope it lasts.

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