Friday, January 4, 2013

Dear Dad.

I am so sorry for what happened this morning.
I was just telling you what I want to do in my life.
I know that you love me and I am your princess.
I never rebel, I am not at all.
I didn't even slam the door.
You know me well, I just cannot be mad and angry.
I don't know how to
because indeed, I have never being taught of how to be one.

But at times,
I am also just a teenager, who wants her opinion to be heard.
I want you to really trust me, for who I am.

Guess trust is a really big thing to you.

I am sorry for being silent for few hours ago and 
for spending my time alone.

I am not merajuk or anything, that is so not me.
But I don't like you to comfort me when I cry because of you.
Because I feel guilty for crying, and I really am.

Sorry. Please forgive me
for not being good enough.

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