Sunday, January 20, 2013

And all those little things.

Some little things about me. that I just realised.

I am eating burger, by finishing the bread first, then only the meat
and I don't eat the vegetables and I know it sounds so
 kid-ish but I don't mind doing that on my date.

I eat pickles every time after my lunch.

I cry a lot but most of the time on my pillow.

I get jealous easily but I hardly admit that
because I think it is really wrong to be jealous.

I am so quiet in public,
unless if someone approaches me and starts the conversation.
So I can be friendly if I choose to be friendly.

I laugh in silence because I remembered all those funny moments.

I hardly remember stuffs but if I did, then it means that it is significant enough.

I am very sensitive especially when someone hurts my siblings.

I share so many stories with some people, but I keep so many things to myself.

Every time I say nice things to someone,
I really mean them 
but the moment I say bad things to someone,
I really don't mean them.

I like watching stories and listening to songs that will suit my emotional.

I cannot live without wearing watch.

I love spending my money by treating people or buying presents for them.

I think of great things before I sleep
and I do cry if I were to dream about bad things.

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