Monday, December 31, 2012

What A Year :)

What a year :) 2012 holds so much of memories, and some I am still holding on to it.
People come and people go, like memories. But I learn to appreciate those who stay.
I learned so many things this year, like really a lot of things.
Love can build friendship and it can also destroy one.
It can be the most powerful weapon and it can also be the worst poison.
People got to know each other, they broke up, they talked back, pretty well, so much.
But most of the thing that taught me a lot this year was friendship.
Seri Puteri taught me a lot. Despite the hatred, the betrayal, I also realised
that there're so much of loyalty, support and love from them.
All of those little things define me. 
Pains define me, they are the proofs that I am tough enough to stay alive.

All the victories that we achieved this year, were remarkable.
All of them were the rewards of sincerity, hard works and team work.
And the greatest weapon will always be our prayers
and Seri Puteri, we shall forever rectify the legacy.

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