Sunday, December 16, 2012

Take that.

The thing that I dislike about leaving the school
is the friendship tends to break apart.
As much as we try to deny it, it happens
and for the last four months I've been thinking about this
and it is such a nightmare to me.

We don't really get to see each other,
(or maybe because I am geographically separated)
we don't share problems anymore,
we tend to act like strangers,
we don't really have the urge to even say hi anymore.

We talk, but when there's question to ask.
We call, when there's important thing to say.
We text, when there's inquiry.
We tweet because we're just bored.

Things are different,
call me a Drama Queen
but this is how I feel.

But I blame no one.
People change, I change, everything will change.

And nothing is ever permanent in life 
and I guess I have to adapt with the new environment then.

But I am glad,
I still have my family.


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