Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Relationship is like the picture above.
Long, depends on how you paint it and definitely has obstacles.

I might not be in a relationship
but I have my personal thoughts when I look at others'.

Being in a relationship is about learning about someone,
something that is not in any book, you just have to refer to your heart and your mind.
Because you want them to be part of your life one day and till forever.

But break-up happens when there's no mutual understanding,
being forced to love or being too protective.

As long as there's no tie knotted,
I believe that everyone deserves to have his/her own freedom,
despite being loyal to the one they love.

But to control someone's life about
who they can or cannot keep in touch with,
and to control what they can or cannot do
for most of the time, 
might not be the perfect thing to do.

be too jealous is also not healthy,
it's either you might feel the over pain
or you will really lose you loved ones.

Understanding, is another criteria.
Being loyal but cannot understand the situation is hard.

So think before you act.
Or you can cry after you lose her.


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  1. Or she can cry after losing him XD