Tuesday, December 18, 2012


Hello :)
And now I am gonna present you
the similarities
between my sister by blood and my sister by bond.

Atika Syahira and Amelia Rosley

Both are
 taller than me
skinnier than me
have long hair
have thick hair
have wavy hair
are athletes
are hi-com for their houses
are heartless
are good listeners but not really layan my mengada-ness
had the tendency to break things that they held when they're kids
love budu
could be friendly to certain people only
are very shy to talk in public
would want me to really listen to them when they're talking
Hardly share their stories with people
are really secretive
hardly share their interests with people
always talk to me till I fall asleep
love chocolate
hardly admit that they care, but they do

pretty much.
There are many, but I can only list those.

I love both.

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