Monday, December 24, 2012

Mr Right?

It is always a dream of a little girl
to have someone that will love her and care about her and all.

But being in a relationship is really about commitment.

If I have to choose to be in one or not,
I would definitely think for thousands times.

Because I don't want to put myself in a frying pan.
I think about what will happen next, in the future.

Because future is a really long journey, seriously
and of coarse we want to be all happy and be loved.
And I am afraid of getting hurt.

I've seen so many incidents, I've faced some obstacles
and I've heard so many stories ; they scare me.

If a guy could come into my life,
and be the one who will let me be fearless
and promise me I won't be hurtful when I'm with him
and prove me he's right ;
I am more than happy to welcome him.

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