Monday, December 31, 2012

Little Things

I am sure every girl out there already listened to
Little Things by OneD.
Oh hey I ain't their big fan, unlike Adeeda but their songs could be catchy at times.
I like catchy songs sang by guys, because I feel appreciated :3

I think girls like cute things,
simple simple things.
Girls like simple things,
late night talks, chocolate, roses
and there're also some who like 
outdoor activities, dancing and all.

But I always think relationship works best this way,
talk, but not too much.
text, but not for every second.
have a date,but not everyday.
because if we talk, text and meet every time ;
we might be running out of things to say.

Lack of stories can be dangerous
because sharing stories is the spice of the good relationship.

I am talking like I am the love guru,
but hey at least that is what I feel about it.


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