Monday, December 17, 2012

I want to know them.

It was almost ten o'clock at night. But I just realised that I left my phone somewhere in the MPH.
It was impossible to get it back, but I knew the boss there and maybe he could consider me checking my phone even it was closed already.

When I reached MPH, it was 10.10 pm and it was almost closed. And I met the boss, and he laughed. Because my phone was already with him and he thought that I might come tomorrow.

When I was there, I saw a boy, a very familiar boy, someone that I had spoken to but I couldn't recall his name. He was talking to the boss, saying how grateful he was with the life that he had now.

I looked at him and beside him, there was a small little girl that holding his hand.
The girl smiled at me.

Then it was almost late
and I decided to go back home and the boy walked with me.

We didn't know each other, but there was kind of a connection between us,
so we had a chitchat.

The conversation really touched my heart.
He worked because his parents had passed away during his SPM days
and now he had to take care of his siblings, 4 of them.
The girl that was holding his hand was his last sister.

She looked so tired, so I offered to carry the three-year-old girl.

I am used to taking care of kids, I love them so much.

Pity this girl. She lost her parents when she didn't even know them yet.

Then I woke up.
It was a dream, but I felt like it was real.
My hands were shaking cold.

I wonder, do they exist?
Because if they do, I want to know them more.


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