Thursday, December 27, 2012


Every time I think of death,
I am scared of doing anything that I have to do or what I want to do.

I am scared to sleep
because the next thing I know is I might lose somebody that I love.

I am scared to drive
because the next thing I know is I am in the hospital with visitors around me.

I am just scared.
I am scared of losing people that I love.

Nothing is ever permanent in life.
Relationship has break-up,
marriage has divorce.

And what we cannot escape is DEATH.

We live to serve the world,
distribute happiness
and prepare for the after life.

Yang besar itu nafsu.
 Yang berat itu amanah.
 Yang jauh itu masa.
 Yang indah itu solat. 
Yang dekat itu mati.
 - Imam Al-Ghazali

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