Friday, November 30, 2012

The End of The Ending Part 3

I woke up and performed my prayer.
I walked to the dorm and decided not to sleep,
and I took my camera to capture some great scenery of SSP,
the parts that I would definitely miss.

And some of us went to Alamanda,
but the fun was not really there,because everyone could feel
the sadness now.

I was definitely reaaaaaaally saaaad :'(

This is really like the fullstop of my life as an SSPian.
Life won't be as great as before but we just have to move on.

Forget me not,
and love you guys and you guys will definitely be missed.

living the dream, nothing is ever gonna come between us,

Everything that comes must go and everything that starts must end.
Guess this is the end of the ending.
Thank you Amigas, Seri Puteri, for the moments and memories.


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