Friday, November 30, 2012

The End Of The Ending Part 1

When the biology paper 3 ended, everyone was shouting and screaming
for the relief that we felt.
I bet in every school, we did that ; most of us.

But one thing ; we never wanted these moments to end.

Like how we felt after the KH paper back then in 2010,
the happiness and all,
but we didn't have those sad feelings because
we knew some or rather, we could still meet up and be schoolmates the next year.

But when biology paper ended,
everything will be different.
it will, no matter how hard we try to defend that we won't,
but we will.

The drastic change was we would no longer eat while readind our Sejarah books. Haha.

During the final dinner time at the dining hall, most of us collapsed and chose to sleep
and Mimi and I decided to go cleaning up our stuffs at class.

We talked and talked like we would never meet up again :'(

And while walking, we could see the double rainbow,
the rainbow that we could hardly see in Seri Puteri,
but that day, was the moment.

After the Isya' prayer,
we made our way to the dorm
and helped each other for the cleaning up session.

And the time we spent removing all the photos attached on my wall,
I cried.

Last January, Mimi helped me pasting all those pictures on my wall and now I had to remove them.
It was hard to leave the school
and to leave the room, it was harder.

The room that holds so much of memories and stories.
The moments of tears and laughter.
The room that is full of secrets and moments.
The place that i had never expected to be in ; The Bilik Ketua Pelajar.

The moment had come to an end.

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