Friday, August 17, 2012

One dream that hasn't come true.

Sitting all alone now
and wondering why it turned to be this way.
Why did everything change?
Why isn't anything we love be permanent.
I am sad because everything turns to be different.
I want that brain,
the brain that can score in every exam.
When can I be happy with my results again,
just like I did before?
When can I smile when I received the exam papers from teachers
instead of crying?
When can I call my mom and my dad and tell them my great results and not crying 
and promising her the false hope to score in the next exam?

Then I stopped crying
and started to motivate myself.

Everything changes because nothing is ever permanent in life.
Everything is different as everything changes.

I will receive my SPM slip from Bonda on stage when
my name is announced as the straight A+ achiever.

I will call my mom and my dad to go on the stage with me
and tell them
about my good results
and cry of happiness
and tell them that I have fulfilled my promise and
make their dreams come true.

I will.
I will.
I will.

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