Saturday, June 2, 2012


I helped my mom packing stuffs
and tidying up le store at home
(considering how we don't want to have maid at home)
and I found
my long lost debate book and debate file
that I kept since I was in form 2.

the time had passed and I shall passed
down the throne to les juniors.

Gosh,my debating career had just ended
and after 5 years of working hard,
practising in front of le mirror 
and in le shower everyday,
now it all just ended that way.

debating taught me a lot,
how to deal with unpredictable situations,
how to deal with the problems without leaving the idea of friendship behind.

Debating taught me the value of family
that Allah gave to me.
Since the day I knew
Kak Afiqah, Kak Azalia, Kak Bainun, Kak Ameera, Kak Qamilla, Kak Amani and Kak Khai.
And since the day we gathered together, four of us ;
Munira | Aliah | Azura | Wan

Everything has its up and down.
ASDC held so much of memories
and PPM 2012 too (:

I have retired, officially and
even I don't end my career with a
well at least I ended it with a


To Nad, Alya and PAS,
all the very best in leading next year.
We almost rectified the legacy this year,
hopefully next year, we manage to rectify the legacy :)


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